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Equotip 2


Equotip 2

Equotip 2


The EQUOTIP 2 metal hardness tester is a light weight, yet powerful portable hardness tester for all metallic materials.  It measures the Leeb value (L) for materials, which is a ratio of the impact velocity to the rebound velocity.  This L value is then converted to standard hardness scales such as Rockwell, Brinell, Shore, and Vickers using conversion tables stored in the display unit and generated from the original Leeb block.  Thus, an EQUOTIP instrument reading from today will match (within tolerance) an EQUOTIP instrument since production started back in 1975.  Mobile and very accurate, it has a large measuring range - from soft to extremely hard. The EQUOTIP 2 portable hardness tester gives a measurement within seconds and is complete with internal data storage and RS-232C interface. You can find more details in the EQUOTIP presentation.

At a glance the large LCD monitor provides information on:

Hardness value L (measured value)
Lowest value (min)
Highest value (max.)
Range (R)
Standard deviation (s)
Mean value (x)
Converted mean value
Impact no. Shown in the information line are the current basic settings. In the example:
Impact device D
Impact direction downwards
Mean value automatically formed after 5 individual measurements
Conversion to HRC
Consecutive measuring series no. Visual representation of the last measuring series provides an immediate survey of hardness level and regularity. Freely selectable set points limits. The user can set up the EQUOTIP device to his specific requirements with a few keys.



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